Foundation Course

A practical-oriented course, specially designed for the beginners who want to learn photography practically on weekends. The course is designed to impart more practical knowledge, both indoors & outdoors, to the students.

Even if you don't possess your own camera, you can still learn professional photography as we provide our own cameras during the practical sessions on a sharing basis.

Topics Covered

These are the various topics that would be covered as a part of the curriculum

  1. Camera structure and its types
  2. Parts of camera – Shutter, Aperture, Lens
  3. ISO
  4. Exposure settings – Manual settings and Auto settings
  5. Types of lenses
  6. Focusing – Manual focus & Auto focus
  7. Depth of Field
  8. Lighting Techniques
  9. Composition Rules
  10. Flash Photography – Types of flashes
  11. Portraiture, Landscape, Macro photography
  12. Panning technique, Blurring effect and Freezing technique
  13. Studio portrait session


Generic schedule of the course. The actual duration/timings may vary slightly

Duration 1 month (4 weekends)
Timings 8 Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM TO 1 PM *
Fees 11,000/-
Next Batch 16th August 2022
* Timing for some outdoor sessions may vary based on the opening time of the parks at the location.

Key Points

  1. Practical oriented course meant for hobbyists and people who like more practical

  2. Weekends schedule: Good for working people

  3. A perfect blend of indoor and outdoor sessions

  4. We provide cameras for practical session, on a sharing basis

  5. Camera handling and basic settings covered

  6. Outdoor sessions are conducted in Mumbai city only.