What Is Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance means perceiving things or events beyond the normal vision and using the sub-conscious vision to read between the lines or look within the scenes. Apply this to the photography and one can capture some great images which can become masterpieces of a photo-artist.

To promote this creative vision among the fellow students, NIP holds an annual photography exhibition named as Clairvoyance. This exhibition is open for participation to all the current and past students of NIP. They can submit some best images of their choice, of which we select and display around 120 images in an art gallery.

This exhibition was started in 2008 and usually scheduled around August every year to celebrate the World Photography Day (19th August) and NIP's foundation day (20th August). It was named as Clairvoyance in 2012. Every year we have thousands of entries from our students out of which we select and display around 120 images across different genres of photography. Special importance is given to the commercial categories like Fashion, Tabletop and Wedding & Events. It provides a great platform to our students to showcase their talent to the world. Many students have sought this opportunity and progress in their career. Many of the visitors from industry have always appreciated the performance of our students.