Basic Course

A theory-cum-practical based course conducted on weekdays / weekends designed for beginners who wish to learn at a professional level. This course builds basic foundation to select any branch of photography namely function and studio photography, pictorial and hobby photography, nature/wild life/bird photography, commercial / industrial and fashion photography etc.

Notes are provided in the printed form and also much more is provided during the lectures for students to note down in their own books. The students who do not have their own camera can use the institute's camera on a sharing basis during the indoor and outdoor sessions.

Topics Covered

These are the various topics that would be covered as a part of the curriculum

  1. History and introduction to photography, camera structure & its accessories.
  2. Types of Cameras: 35mm SLR, D-SLR, Mirrorless cameras, and types of sensors, etc.
  3. Lighting
    •  Lens - Basic fundamentals of lenses and types of lenses
    •  Shutter - concepts and functions
    •  Aperture - concepts and functions
  4. Exposure settings - meaning, techniques, and setting the correct and shutter speed
  5. Digital Image Sensor - Introduction to images sensor, megapixel, ISO settings, exposure latitudes
  6. Depth of Field and factors that affect it.
  7. Lighting
    •  characteristics of lights
    •  natural/artificial sources of light
    •  quality of light
    •  angle of light
    •  use of reflectors
  8. Automations in camera
    •  Auto-exposure settings in camera
    •  Drive modes, memory card options
    •  Auto Focus - AF points, AF modes, AF systems in lenses
  9. Composition rules and art of taking pictures
    •  Basic rules to be followed to frame the pictures
    •  Rule of thirds, lines, shapes
    •  Composing portraits, landscapes, subjects in action
  10. Photography with Flash
    •  Concepts of flash
    •  Types of flashes
    •  Studio practical sessions for portraiture
  11. Practical sessions
    •  Outdoor 1: To cover basic camera handling, panning technique, effects of shutter speeds and apertures. It is a 2 hour session.
    •  Outdoor 2: To cover portraiture in outdoor sunlight, use of reflectors, macro photography, freezing of actions. It is a 4-5 hour outdoor session.
    •  Indoor sessions: It is done on a regular basis during the lectures as and when the concerned topics are covered. Students get to handle our cameras in the free time before the lecture starts every day.
    •  Studio practical: Use of studio flashes, soft boxes, reflectors, id card/passport size photograph setup, basic modelling setup.


We conduct tests as a part of these courses to bring the best out of you

  1. A written/oral cum practical exam is conducted.
  2. Certificates are issued only after successful completion of the tests.


Generic schedule of the course. The actual duration/timings may vary slightly

Duration 5 Weeks
  • Morning Batch - 1
    Mon to Fri: 8 AM TO 10 AM
  • Morning Batch - 2
    Mon to Fri: 11 AM TO 1 PM
  • Afternoon Batch
    Mon to Fri: 2 PM TO 4 PM
  • Weekend Batch
    Sat: 4 PM TO 9 PM
    Sun: 8 AM TO 1 PM
Fees 12,000/-
Next Batch -

Key Points

  1. Theory-cum-practical based course with intensive theory covered

  2. Good for people who wish to take photography as a career

  3. Students can practice on our cameras during practical sessions and even in free time before the lecture starts

  4. Weekdays & weekends batches available

  5. Outdoor sessions conducted in Mumbai city only