Advance Course

Advance course is a 2 month course which includes the Basic course in it. It lays an additional emphasis on handling the challenging light situations, including color casts in light. This course further builds a technical base for different genres of photography.

Notes are provided in the printed form and also much more is provided during the lectures for students to note down in their own books. The students who do not have their own camera can use the institute's camera on a sharing basis during the indoor and outdoor sessions.

Topics Covered

These are the various topics that would be covered as a part of the curriculum

  1. Advance Exposure Techniques
    •  Exposure techniques to handle tough lighting situations
    •  Metering modes in camera
    •  Various exposure settings like exposure bracketing, compensation
  2. Exposure settings - meaning, techniques, and setting the correct and shutter speed
  3. Digital Image Sensor - Introduction to images sensor, megapixel, ISO settings, exposure latitudes
  4. Depth of Field and factors that affect it.
  5. Lighting
    •  characteristics of lights
    •  natural/artificial sources of light
    •  quality of light
    •  angle of light
    •  use of reflectors
  6. Dynamic Range
    •  Understanding the concept of dynamic range
    •  Controlling it in images
    •  Creating HDR.
  7. Lighting and Color of Light
    •  Understanding theory of colors
    •  Handling color casts in images
    •  Eliminating it using White Balance
    •  Creatively using the color casts in an image
  8. Close-up and Macro Photography: applications of close-up lenses, extensions tubes, macro lenses.
  9. File formats: RAW, Jpeg, TIFF, understanding printing resolution.
  10. Accessories: Tripods, tripod legs & heads, selecting suitable tripod for the camera, bags and other useful accessories.
  11. Creative Aspect: Bokeh, Panorama, light painting, multiple exposure, time-lapse photography
  12. Practical sessions
    •  Outdoor 1: Practice of Advance Exposure techniques. It is a 2 hour session.
    •  Outdoor 2: To cover optical illusion, zooming techniques, macro with extension tubes and close-up lenses, portraits in soft light.
    •  Indoor sessions: To cover Night photography long exposures, night landscapes, silhouettes, twilight portraits.
    •  Studio practical: Regular practice for various topics throughout the course.


We conduct tests as a part of these courses to bring the best out of you

  1. A written/oral cum practical exam is conducted.
  2. Certificates are issued only after successful completion of the tests.


Generic schedule of the course. The actual duration/timings may vary slightly

Duration 2 months
  • Morning Batch - 1
    Mon to Fri: 8 AM TO 10 AM
  • Morning Batch - 2
    Mon to Fri: 11 AM TO 1 PM
  • Afternoon Batch
    Mon to Fri: 2 PM TO 4 PM
  • Weekend Batch
    Sat: 4 pm to 9 pm
    Sun: 8 AM TO 1 PM
Fees 25,500/-
(if paid in single payment, then 23,500/-)
Next Batch Weekend Batch: 08th October 2022
Weekdays Batch: 10th October 2022

Key Points

  1. Good for people who wish to start career in photography

  2. More practical than theory

  3. Students can practice on our cameras during practical sessions and even in free time before the lecture starts

  4. Weekdays & weekends batches available

  5. Outdoor sessions conducted in Mumbai city only

  6. At the end of course, there would be introductory sessions for the diploma courses of NIP to enable students choose the correct field of career for themselves