About Founder & Directors

Late. Prof. Manohar Desai


Late. Prof. Manohar Desai had his first interaction with photography way back in 1974. Due to the deep interest in the field, he enrolled himself and passed out of the then prestigious Sir J. J. School of Applied Art with a First class. He then practiced professional wedding photography for several years and then in 1983 turned toventured into teaching Teaching Photography.

The Art of Teaching is not everybody's cup of tea. A person, however renowned he may be in his field, may not necessarily possess skills to teach the intricate techniques and skills of his field, and photography is no exception to this fact. Late Prof. Manohar Desai's unique style of teaching was liked by one and all which made him famous as “photo-guru” and NIP as a “Gurukul”

He had trained more than 11,000 students during his tenure of 27 years in NIP.His students are capable today to not just sustain in Mumbai but also to impart their knowledge to budding photographers and build a very healthy ecosystem for the future of photography & videography.

It is aptly true for him that
"A person does not stay for ever in this world but a personality stays forever…"

Smt. Asmita Manohar Desai


Smt. Asmita Manohar Desai, the Director of National Institute of Photography, has been associated with NIP since its inception in 1983. She has taken up the responsibility of running the show started by Late Prof. Manohar Desai. She inherits the skills of photography from her father, Late. Shri. Kashinath Sawant, who owned a photo-studio in Thane.

Having being trained under her father, she carries experience in film-based photography right from clicking photos to developing them in dark room and printing them too. She has a wide understanding of various aspects of photography and also videography. She is well-acquainted with the video-editing techniques. With such a varied experience, she manages the institute and strives to enhance it furtherenvisages to take it another level.

Mr. Amogh Manohar Desai


Amogh is an IT Engineer-Turned-Entrepreneur and leads NIP along with Smt. Asmita Desai. He has inherited his photography skills from his parents and his maternal grandfather. He has done his master's in Business and Entrepreneurship Management from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai. Apart from leading NIP, he also participates in the teaching process and conducts regular lectures on photography. He is also a certified counsellor which enables him to understand the students very well and their needs, based on which the teaching process in the institute is regularly updated.