Why learn Photography?

A picture is worth a thousand words! Artists want to express their feelings and emotions through their pictures, people love nature and want to capture its beauty. Photography is a medium of creative art and a photograph is a picture created with mechanical, chemical or electronic means. 

Marriages may be decided in heaven, but they actually take place on the Earth and wedding photos are the most valuable possessions of people.

Parents love their children and their photos too. Schools and colleges want team photos. Corporate establishments always need photos for brochures, advertisements, catalogues, annual reports and press releases. 

Newspapers and news magazines need news events covered with supporting photos. Stock agencies always want pictures; you may sell your work for calendars or greeting cards. There are many advertising agencies who want photos to create ads for their clients. The number of new magazines continues to grow. And all of them need photos.

Models want their portfolios done, companies want to promote their products and services, people want their family functions covered, and there is no end to the list.

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Clairvoyance '14
Diploma in Wedding & Events Photography

Why learn at NIP?
  • NIP is the first Photography Institute in India to be ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
  • NIP has a vast experience of training people in photography since its inception in 1983.
  • In last 29 years, we have trained around 15,000-odd students.
  • NIP provides a comprehensive syllabus for the most complete and cost effective courses.
  • Updated with all the recent trends in the field of photography and teach the same in our courses.
  • Only institute that provides the equipments during the course with NO Extra Charge.
  • Modern illustrative techniques and reasonably small batch-sizes, we assure you the success as photographer.
  • Lifetime support to our alumni.
  • Only institute to insist you on taking a feedback from our ex-students and know about us.